You Actually Can Do It All

After sitting down with Kathryn Thier, I was inspired to keep looking for jobs that will allow communications students, especially journalism and public relations students. I learned, that it is most definitely possible to apply both their story-telling skills and brand management skills. There are potentially three different directions you can go and still apply... Continue Reading →


3 Tips for Communication Misfits

Kathryn Thier has three pieces of advice for students navigating the public relations industry and the journalism industry: First: study both if you’re really passionate, because you don’t know where your career will take you. Second: think about why you’re interested in both, because it’s important to consider what type of activities excites you and... Continue Reading →

President Trump Trumps Transparency

Journalists tell the truth, they serve as a watchdog, and sometimes they are PR professionals’ worst nightmare. Willing to tell the truth, even if it’s ugly; staying unbiased and brutally honest with the public: the job of a journalist. But how is a journalist supposed to do their job and serve the American people, if... Continue Reading →

When It’s Okay to Pull a “Kanye”

Sure, you have Freedom of Speech but that doesn’t mean you should always publicly exercise it. The most recent election has inspired a broader controversy between people that lean left or right: Freedom of Speech. Suddenly, opinion leaders are saying controversial and highly offensive things to get their points across. While most of these statements... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Live is HUGE this year

The best way to be heard, remembered or considered, may be by making someone laugh. The mainstream media and politics are two concepts that seem to hate each other in today’s society. Both sides are passionate and both sides have power. However, the mainstream media recently needed to strategically consider how to use such power to... Continue Reading →

First: Reality Check. Second: Spell Check.

Sure, I guess credibility is kind of important when it comes to the White House, the President, and the United States government. Yes, that was sarcastic. Spelling, grammar, and overall writing quality is a testimony to a person’s intelligence and credibility. Most recently, two days ago to be exact, our U.S. Education Department was criticized... Continue Reading →

The Death & Resurrection of Journalism

  Journalism isn’t dying, it’s being murdered. Most communication professionals would take this stance when commenting on the future of journalism. The rise in technology and progression in multimedia reporting has threatened print media, no doubt. But there is hope. Decrease in funding, increase in fake news, and invasion of ‘dark money’: all scary aspects... Continue Reading →

Volkswagen: From Top Dog to Dog House

  Volkswagen is the pioneer for corporate social responsibility. The company is so eco-friendly that it has won numerous awards. Wait, just kidding. They lied about all of it. VW was considered a leader in the automobile industry with CSR, until a federal investigation found the whole company to be scamming the public and the... Continue Reading →

Ninjas Declare War in Berkeley, CA

UC Berkeley has always been entangled with national public debate. The students are vocal. The school is birthed in what is considered to be the most liberal city in California. Roqua Montez is the Executive Director of Communications and Media Relations at UC Berkeley. How is Montez expected to recruit empowered and driven students to... Continue Reading →

Your New(s) Best Friend

The relationship between journalism and nonprofit work is tricky. Journalists cannot take donations from a source that could potentially sway the journalist or cause bias in the reporting. Since journalists are supposed to be the unbiased watch dog of our society, accepting donations or payment of any kind, similar to how nonprofits raise money, would... Continue Reading →

President of the Fourth Estate

On January 20, our 45th president, Donald J. Trump was sworn in. The entire day was captured through various news platforms. Countless reporters were tuned in, filming and commentating the events, in order to reach the public every step of the way. Because that’s what reporter do, they are the fourth estate; the 'Watchdog' for... Continue Reading →

Crisis Averted… Sometimes

One tweet, one snapchat, one viral video: that’s all it takes for a journalist to get the story out there. That’s also all it takes for PR professionals to have a crisis on their hands. Social media is making a serious mark in the world of communication. Instead of applying to newspapers, writing out stories, and... Continue Reading →

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