Code of Ethics


I will hold myself accountable and…

  • I will only take credit for content that is originally mine, but I won’t copy other bloggers or social media pioneers, and I will site content that is inspired by other bloggers.
  • I will not plagiarise. Plagiarizing goes against everything I believe in, not just with blogging.
  • I will never delete a post. Like keeping a journal, it is wonderful to look back at old pieces of writing and see how much you’re writing and personal views have evolved. Deleting posts would be insulting to both my readers and myself.
  • I will only use legal photos. Navigating the use of photos found online is difficult considering some are free and some are discretely labeled. However, I will do everything I can to get permission and include credit towards the source of the photo.
  • I will never purchase followers or likes to leverage my blog. I will improve my blogs reach by creating and sharing great content.
  • I will not delete comments that simply disagree with my content. To maintain open communication and progress idealism in communication, it is important for people to be able to maintain respect for each other while openly disagreeing on opinions.
  • I will only delete blog comments that are offensive to any human interests, personally attacking, or are generally hateful. This includes: racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other personally attacking comments.
  • I won’t be afraid to respectfully disagree with others. Blogging is supposed to be an insight in to my personal opinions and beliefs. Therefore, I need to stay true myself and my beliefs if I want to maintain an honest blog.
  • I will be honest and accept responsibility if I make a mistake with any of these rules. I am not perfect – nobody is – but mistakes are made sometimes. I believe it’s incredibly important to have a sense of compassion for those that are willing to admit they’ve made a mistake and right their wrongs.


This code of ethics is effective from 8 March 2017, and will continue to be valid as long as this blog exists. This code of ethics has been writing and posted by Katherine Taylor Smith, just like the rest of this blog. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at


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