You Actually Can Do It All

After sitting down with Kathryn Thier, I was inspired to keep looking for jobs that will allow communications students, especially journalism and public relations students. I learned, that it is most definitely possible to apply both their story-telling skills and brand management skills. There are potentially three different directions you can go and still apply both majors:


Multimedia Advocacy Work

Different advocacy companies need professionals that know how to strategically communicate and story-tell online, via written content and video content. At these jobs, they expect you to do it all.

One company that Thier references is Blue Chalk. Blue Chalk is a company, based in Brooklyn, NY, that strives to manage brands and promote advocacy with the use of photo and video journalism. “Our work includes branded content, social impact videos, educational videos, and variety of nonfiction series and projects for multi- platform distribution.


Engagement Editor Work

Although there aren’t as many jobs in this work, engagement editor work allows you to now only write, but also arrange open forum events for the public to tell the news outlet its thoughts. These positions tend to be within the specific news outlets, but responsibilities require strategic communication abilities.

Gannett Co., Inc. is an example of a company that hires engagement editors. They are actually looking to hire an engagement editor right now in Greensville, SC. According to its website, the company’s goal is to “make sure dialogue with our audience is a two-way street, and that every story reaches its audience potential in print, digital, community events and social media.” The engagement editors look over all related content.


Public Interest Nonprofit Work

As a public relations professional at a public interest nonprofit, you can write and strategize for campaign planning.

Last year, I spent a few months working for Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. I leveraged their social media platforms and provided content for newsletters ansightless-challenge-logo-475x208d updates throughout their “Sightless Challenge” campaign. During my time with the non-profit, I learned that there are numerous opportunities to apply both journalism and public relations.


A lot of the opportunities now available to young adults are new to the communications industry. Some of these jobs are only a few years old.

While it can be stressful and overwhelming to find the perfect jobs, pathways like the three listed here seem perfect for those trying to blend the two industries. It’s also important to remember that even though the perfect job isn’t always listed, as young adults in the communications field, we need to be willing and empowered to create our ideal profession.


(I would like to nominate either “3 tips for communication misfits” or “Saturday Night Live is HUGE this year” for grading.)


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