President of the Fourth Estate

On January 20, our 45th president, Donald J. Trump was sworn in. The entire day was captured through various news platforms. Countless reporters were tuned in, filming and commentating the events, in order to reach the public every step of the way. Because that’s what reporter do, they are the fourth estate; the ‘Watchdog’ for citizens.

Journalists have purpose behind their actions. The public deserves to know what’s going on at the capital and who is going to be making life or death decisions for our country. So even though Trump and the media aren’t the best of friends, journalists know they can’t back off. It’s their job to tell the story.

But before that dramatic morning of Trump’s inauguration, journalists were in a full-fledged war with the public relations teams. Elections are riddled with curious citizens and passionate professionals. In one corner of the ring, journalists are striving to provide every bit of honest, relevant, and important knew they can. In the opposing corner, public relations officials are tasked with selling reputations and getting their client elected-at all costs.

So when Trump decided to announce that journalists and the overall media is disgusting for doing their job, I had to giggle. In a tweet to the general public, Trump basically said that if his PR team was beating journalism in the fight, he would be beating Hillary Clinton substantially. He was upset that reporters were doing their job and that his PR team just couldn’t keep up.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 12.22.33 AM.png

Recently, Stephen K. Bannon, Trump’s strategist, also called out journalists for doing their job…

“I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

It’s humorous that our elected officials complain that the media is the opposing party. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? Aren’t journalists supposed to keep an eye on powerful people? Isn’t the job of a journalist to be our Fourth Estate. Oh wait, yes. It definitely is.


(image by Ed Stein)


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